Ordinances & Resolutions

2024 Ordinances
Ordinance 2024-01 Accepting Board of Adjustment Duties
Ordinance 2024-02 Amending NPMC Title 2 Chapter 36 Apprenticeship
Ordinance 2024-03 Council Compensation
Ordinance 2024-04 Amending Budget to Accept Grant Funds (Utility & Fire)
Ordinance 2024-05 Amending 2024 Police Budget

2024 Resolutions
Resolution 2024-01 City of North Pole Legislative Priorities 2024
Resolution 2024-02 Support North Rail to Delta Junction
Resolution 2024-03 Transfer funds from McKinley to AML Investment Pool
Resolution 2024-04 Disbursal of Attorney Fees CSG, Inc. 

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