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water3The City of North Pole operates a water and sewer utility that provides service to approximately 1,600 residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers in and around North Pole. Utility service is available in approximately three quarters of the City. The remaining properties get water from wells and discharge wastewater to septic systems. By City code, any occupied structure within 200 feet of a water or sewer main must be connected to the utility system.

The Water Department provides potable water and fire protection in compliance with State of Alaska Drinking Water Standards. The Utility’s water comes from two new wells commissioned in 2010. Each well has the capacity to pump up to one million gallons of water per day. The water treatment plant has a capacity to produce approximately 650,000 gallons per day (gpd), but the Utility on averages produces only 150,000 gpd. The Utility treatment process involves removing iron. The Utility does not add chlorine or fluoride to the water. Due to the climate, the Utility heats and circulates the water in the distribution system to prevent freezing in winter in the system’s 35 miles of water mains.

The Sewer Department on average treats 250,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The utility uses a “passive system” to treat wastewater—water passes through a series of four lagoons where biological activity and settling treat the water. After passing through the treatment lagoons, the Utility does add chlorine to kill coliform bacteria then adds a second compound to remove the chlorine. The Utility discharges the treated wastewater to the Tanana River under a permit from the State of Alaska. There are approximately 14 miles of sewer mains in the City. Because the topography in North Pole is relatively flat, the Utility must use a series of lift stations around the City to pump wastewater to the treatment plant.

Utility Standards (requirements for water/sewer construction)
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