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Building Department
Building Permit Application
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Driveway Permit Form
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Electrical Permit Application
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Mechanical Permit Application
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Plumbing Permit Application
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Storm Water Permit Form
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Street excavation Permit Form
Alcohol Monthly Sales Tax Reporting Form
Amended Sales Tax Reporting Form
Annual Sales Tax Reporting Form
Business License Application
Business license applications can be faxed to 907-488-3002 and emailed to:

We can accept credit card payments and electronic checks for quick processing.

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Monthly Bed Tax Reporting Form
Monthly Sales Tax Reporting Form
Tobacco Tax Reporting Form
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Quarterly Sales Tax Reporting Form
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Fire Department Training

For information about volunteering, training and/or class schedules, please contact:

Training Officer, Captain Sam Sanders, at or 907-488-2232.

Fire Station Tours
Fireworks Permit
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Outdoor Public Fireworks Display
This Outdoor Public Fireworks Display application is for an outdoor public fireworks display only and is not valid for an indoor fireworks display.

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Recruitment for Firefighter/EMT
Volunteer with the North Pole Fire Department
For more information about becoming a volunteer with North Pole Fire Department or becoming a Resident Firefighter/EMT, please contact Fire Chief, Chad Heineken at:

907-488-0444 or  

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Human Resources
Emplolyment Application - Fillable
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Employment Application
Public Works
Authorized Agent Form
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Authorized Agent Form
DNR Well Driller Log
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Opening a Utility Account
The City of North Pole Utility Department provides service to approximately 75 percent of the City. Water and sewer utility service is available to most properties served by the Utility; however, only water service is available in the Ford Subdivision. Properties in the Ford Subdivision discharge wastewater to septic systems. For those properties where water and sewer service is not available, they obtain water from private wells and discharge wastewater to septic systems.

The Utility Department has two different utility account applications forms—one for property owners and one for renters. The forms are similar, however, for renters the applicant needs to have the landlord provide information on the application. In addition, by North Pole Municipal Code, Senior Citizens—65 years or older—may request reduced utility rates by applying at City Hall.

Utility Account Application Forms

Utility Account Deposit
Opening a utility account requires paying a deposit. Typical residential water serviceaccount requires a $75.00 deposit and sewer service account requires a $75.00 deposit. The deposit is returned when you close the account if you do not have any delinquent utility charges.

Utility Charges
All utility services in the City are metered. The Utility Department reads meters at the end of each month and sends bills at the beginning of the next month for the previous month’s utility usage. The Utility Department bases utility bills upon the following charges:

  • Water: Per gallon charge based upon gallons of water used
  • Sewer: Per gallon charge based upon gallons of water used. Because many utility customers use water during the summer months that does not enter the sewer system—gardening, washing cars, etc.—the monthly sewer charge for the months of May, June, July and August are capped at an amount that does not exceed the average of the water usage during the months September through April for Single Family and Senior Single-Family Residential Customers only.
  • Base Charge, Water: A flat rate charged to all water utility customers
  • Base Charge, Sewer: A flat rate charged to all sewer utility customers
  • FRR Water: (facility repair and replacement rate): A per gallon charge used to fund capital projects
  • FRR Sewer: A per gallon charge used to fund capital projects
  • FRR Industrial Sewer: A per gallon charge used to fund capital projects; only charged to industrial customers

Web Links
Property Owner Responsibility for Renter
Property Owner Utility Account Application Form
Renter Utility Account Application Form
Renter Utility Account Application Form
If you are a renter and your landlord allows or requires you to create a utility account in your name, you need to submit a Renter Utility Account Application Form. If you have a co-renter, they will need to complete the back side of the form. Your landlord also must have on file with the North Pole Utility a Property Owner Responsibility for Renter Form. 

Below is a link to a Renter Utility Account Application Form. The form is a fillable PDF file. If you complete the form on line, your information will not be saved when you close the file. We recommend that you download the file and complete it off line and save the file to save the information you enter on the form. Below is also a link to the Property Owner Responsibilty for Renter Form.

Supporting Documents
Utility Assistant I & II Recruitment
Job Status: dsc_0472
Closed - no longer accepting applications

Job Reference Number: 
Utility Assistant 2021

The City of North Pole, is looking for a Utility Assistant I or II to provide support to the Water and Wastewater Utility divisions. Position is an appointed position and is classified as FLSA Overtime Non-Exempt. No prior training required; High school diploma or general education degree (GED) required. Position is Non-Management. Hourly Wage Range: $20.27 to $35.54 with health and retirement benefits. See the complete job description and obtain application prior to interview by contacting City Hall at 125 Snowman Lane, North Pole, AK 99705 or by email at Position open until filled. The City of North Pole is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Supporting Documents
Utility Contracts
Utility Extension Permit Application
Utility Permitting and Service Line Requirements
The City of North Pole owns and operates the Water & Sewer Utility within the city limits. The Utility provides water and sewer service to approximately 75 percent of the homes and businesses in the City. By Municipal Code, any occupied structure within 200 feet of a water or sewer main must connect to these facilities. The Municipal Code, Title 13 Public Services provides comprehensive details on the regulations governing the operation of the Utility and customer terms of service. The Utility also developed Service Line Requirements related to connecting to and using the Utility's services.

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Web Links
Utility tie-in application
Supporting Documents
Well Drilling Application Packet
Packet of information to support application for a well drilling permit.

Supporting Documents
Well Drilling Permit Application
Supporting Documents
ROUND UP Program (Utility Customer Emergency Payment Fund)
ROUND UP Program Request for Support (Application)
City Clerk
Fundraiser/Parade Permit

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