City of North Pole, Alaska


City Government

The City of North Pole is a Home Rule Charter city and operates under the Council-Strong Mayor form of government.  The mayor and six (6) council members are elected for terms of three years, with two council members elected each year.  The city has an annual operating budget of 5.0 million dollars, and derives its revenue from a four percent sales tax and a 3.0 mill rate levied against properties.

The city provides Police, Fire and Emergency Medical services to its residents.

The City provides police protection with 14 fulltime employees, fire protection with 14 full-time employees and 30 volunteers, water and sewer service and public works with 6 fulltime employees.

The city also maintains streets and roads within the city limits.  Electric and phone service is provided from outside the city.

In addition, the city employs a city accountant, city clerk, director of city services, and city accounts receivable & payable clerk.